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Creatives Meet Business: Event Planning Edition

Creatives Meet Business is an event and podcast series that helps artists and creatives learn the ropes of entrepreneurship and create a sustainable lifestyle. Who do we mean when we say "creative"? For us, creative is a broad term - you could create apps, concepts, films, compositions, words, websites, songs, dance numbers, or pies (among other things, naturally we didn't include everything here, but you get the idea).

We help you learn tough to tackle concepts through an intimate set-up of roundtable discussions with Austin's top professionals in the fields supporting the creative industry. Join us Tuesday, June 26th for the Event Planning Edition, hosted by The Refinery and learn all guessed it, event planning!

We've got you, the solopreneur / creative entrepreneur, in mind when it comes to helping you create the best dang event that you can...which is exactly why we're bringing in the big guns to help!

Get ready to spend some time chatting about...

  • Teams, Tension, and Trial and Error; AKA, The Art of Working with Others When the Stakes are High // Sarah Lo, VP of Professional Services - Red Velvet Events

  • Event Planning: Creating Your Own Roadmap for a Successful Event // Richelle Ouellette, Principal - Alchemy Events

  • It’s Not Just an Event, It’s An Experience: Here’s How to Build One // Danielle “Dani” Thomas, Owner - Big Green House

  • Sponsors, Sponsorships, and Sponsor Decks - Oh My! // Hayley Swindell, Founder - The Refinery

  • Event Marketing: If You Build It, Will They Come? // Sarah K. Wolf, Marketing Director - The Austin Chronicle

Chat with each pro for 20 minutes before they rotate to the next table - speed dating style - all while getting acquainted with your tablemates that span the entire spectrum of the creative industries in Austin. Don't know what we mean by "speed dating style?" No problem! You stay planted, so pick a table of strangers (aka - friends you haven't met yet) and settle in for the ride. Every 20 minutes, one of the amazing folks listed above will drop some knowledge at your table (and please feel free to ask questions, engage and ENJOY). Each one of them will be hosting a UNIQUE discussion, so no two speakers (or conversations) are alike.

Drinks (of the "spirited" variety) and snacks are provided.

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