Why Storytelling?

Around this exact time last year I bought myself a birthday present - A ticket to the Yellow Conference in Los Angeles. I had always wanted to go to a creative conference (especially one that focused on supporting women) and I had heard rave reviews about this one in particular.  I had always been so inspired by the people I read about speaking at these types of things...How fearless they must have be to get up in front of hundreds of people and share their personal stories. 

My favorite speaker by far was Tim Harris, founder of Tim's Place. His confidence, poise and ability to tell a truly inspiring story filled my soul with joy and an urge to someday work up the courage to do the same. I'm far away from being able to speak in front of hundreds of people but what I can do is start with just 50, then maybe 75 and then someday millions and billions...kidding! Kind of :) 

Tim Harris totally rocking it at the 2016 Yellow Conference in Los Angeles, CA. 

Tim Harris totally rocking it at the 2016 Yellow Conference in Los Angeles, CA. 

I think the having a community of supportive listeners who are eager to hear your story and learn from your experiences can give you the confidence you need to stand up and share.

This is why we are kicking off the first of our Morning Hustle Storytelling series this September. The purpose is the bring together a small group of people who want to support one another in their practice of storytelling and community connection.   

For more details on our first Morning Hustle Storytelling event please visit our events calendar. We will be sharing more on this month's theme, "Becoming Unstoppable," and will be diving into tips of the trade this week here on the blog!