Creative Meets Business Experience 2017

Happy Monday Y'all! I wanted to kick off this week by helping to spread the word about a seriously inspiring (and very useful) event launching here in Austin this September. First, a little background on how I came to learn about this fabulous event: 

A major goal at The Refinery is not only to bring together like-minded creatives but also to serve as a space filled with the educational resources needed to make them a success. When I set out to see what sort of tools and organizations already existed I quickly stumbled upon Creative Meets Business, run by the highly inspirational Ashland Viscosi.

Ashland and I instantly hit it off with what seemed to be endless commonalities and goals. My favorite thing that we share? A desire to educate freelancers and small business owners on the importance of financial sustainability, engaging in meaningful networking and collaborations, and really honing in on what it means to thrive as a creative business. (We also share a love for the show iZombie but that's a whole different blog post!) 

I'm thrilled to share more information on Ashland's newest endeavor: The Creatives Meet Business Experience (CMBXP for short)! 

Nobody can talk about this experience like the creator herself: "We’ve all attended conferences and events where we sit in the room and diligently take notes (or scroll through our twitter feeds), listening to amazing tales of entrepreneurial or creative woe. After the tales of glory and “how I built this” have worn off and you’re sitting on your couch, do you go back through those notes that you worked so hard to take? Be honest, how much have you put into practice from that type of conference? We hear you, that’s why we’re doing something different. We’re not doing panels. We’re creating three days of programming with hands-on, interactive workshops to help you tackle everything in real-time

We care about three main things: collaboration over competition, helping you become economically sustainable, and expanding your network with fellow creatives. To give you the best experience possible, four programming partners (Austin LearnshopCreatives Meet BusinessGeneral Assembly, and Story Bar) have joined forces to bring you a variety of over 40 workshops focusing on the artistic side, the business-side, the marketing side, and the storytelling side of being a creative. We’ll have one-on-one mentorships available, and with nightly happy hours to boot, you won’t want to miss this experience."

So how do you tackle this elephant of an “experience”? One bite at a time! You can à la carte your own professional development plate from a variety of menu options, your day could include: learning how to craft a business budget with The Art of Finance, cracking into the Nutshell Technique with The Screenplay Workshop, Social Media Strategy Mapping with Best Practice Media, and end with high-flying fun with Sky Candy - the sky's the limit."

Ummm....yes please!!! 

Invest in yourself (did I mention it’s only $100?!) and see what Creatives Meet Business and partners have cooked up :: Be sure to snag your ticket before they are sold out!