An Interview :: Sam Lauron of MOVERS + MAKERS

Helllllllo ATX! Please give a warm welcome to Sam Lauron, founder of the newly launched blog MOVERS + MAKERS

Inspired by the vibrant entrepreneurial community in Austin, MOVERS + MAKERS has set out to capture the stories of the creative, spirited people behind these creative brands and businesses.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Sam at Hillside Farmacy recently and y'all, she is such a beautiful, passionate woman! I'm excited to share an interview that dives into some her favorite things, and examines her why for establishing her own creative-centered blog. 



What motivated you to start MOVERS & MAKERS?

I’ve always been interested in hearing how people got to where they are in their careers, especially if they have their own business. In a city as entrepreneurial as Austin it just felt natural to pursue my curiosity by talking to local entrepreneurs and learning about their career journeys. I’ve also personally struggled with figuring out what I want out of a career, so I figured learning from business owners would definitely inspire me.

I’m hoping that by sharing these stories, others will not only get a better idea of the people behind these local brands, but will also be inspired to start something of their own someday.
— Sam Lauron

Your logo is gorgeous - Where did you get your inspiration from? What did your branding process look like?

Thank you! I was unsure if people would even pay attention to the logo, so that’s good to hear! I knew the logo would set the tone for the rest of the project for me, so creating that was the first thing I did after coming up with the idea. It was definitely a quick process. I wanted something clean and minimal, so I scoured the internet for a typeface that I liked and then pretty much went with the first design that came to mind.

Is MOVERS & MAKERS your full time gig or an awesome side hustle? If it is your side hustle, what do you do full time?

As of right now, I’d call it a passion project! Maybe someday it will take up a bigger part of my life, but for now it’s something I’ve been working on in my free time. I currently have a couple part time jobs in marketing and I’m also a freelance writer, so I have a fairly flexible schedule (which I’m very thankful for) and find myself doing a variety of things on any given day. That’s another reason I started MOVERS + MAKERS — because I do so many different things for work, I wanted something constant in my day that I could also use as a creative outlet.

Describe your average morning routine.

Well for one, I’m definitely not a morning person! I usually wake up slowly and spend time scrolling through Instagram before finally getting ready for the day. I’m also a coffee newbie (I started drinking about a year ago) so I like to have that most mornings. I honestly don’t know how I survived college without it!

What is your favorite breakfast taco in the city?

Taco Deli and Torchy’s are a couple of my faves!

Favorite piece of jewelry you’ve ever purchased?

I recently purchased some simple gold rings on Etsy and I wear them every single day. I’m a big fan of shopping small, so the fact that they’re from Etsy is a major plus!

Describe your ideal work environment - What are the elements that really get your creative juices flowing??

I have more energy at night and I’m also inspired or feeling creative at random times, so having a flexible schedule that allows me to work on my own time would be ideal! I also get really inspired after spending time with creative, like-minded people who I can brainstorm with, so a co-working space would probably be a good work environment for me!

Million dollar question: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Well if I’ve learned anything from the entrepreneurs I’ve interviewed for MOVERS + MAKERS, it’s that you never know where life will take you! But ideally, I see myself having something of my own in ten years. What that business will be is still TBD. I also hope to travel as much as I can before settling back down in Austin (or maybe somewhere else, who knows. So much can change in 10 years!)