Top Playlists for Holiday Spirit

We’ve picked out a few of our favorite holiday playlists to keep you in that holiday spirit without losing out on a productive day. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want something fun, but not super catchy or you’ll spend your day singing along and forget all about what you need to do. Hopefully, one of these four playlist fits your ideal holiday spirit soundtrack!


The first of our picks for this holiday season is the Christmas Classics playlist. I can never truly catch the wave of holiday spirit happiness without a classics playlist in my rotation and this one’s just right!

Next up, this is my favorite if you’re in need of some deep focus to keep you productive all day long or for a relaxing evening at home. I love the classic melodies of the piano without the distraction of the actual words. Of course if you know the song, you might just want to sing aloud anyway! Find the Christmas Peaceful Piano playlist here.

If you have children, this just might be the perfect playlist to play to keep them occupied while you crank out some work from home. The Holiday Magic playlist is fun and kid friendly to keep everyone in the family singing all day long!

Last but not least, it’s always nice to have a playlist on hand for all those holiday parties we’ll be attending or hosting. To save you some time so that you can stay productive, we’ve found you the perfect playlist! Check out the Holiday Party playlist created by west elm to find something that’s just the right balance between a fun-filled celebration and the holiday spirit!


* All playlists can be found on Spotify for your enjoyment!