Member Monday: Victoria Fealkoff

Member: Victoria Fealkoff

Company: Colossal Media

Tell us a little about what you do (and who you do it for)... I work for Colossal Media. We help brands tell their story through hand-painted outdoor advertisements. When Colossal started, hand painted ads were basically dead. 14 years later, we’re painting over 400 murals a year — a testament to the craft & the dedication of every single Colossal employee. My official title is Manager, New Business & Strategic Partnerships, which is just a fancy way of saying sales! The usual response I get when I say I’m in sales is, “Wow, that must be stressful”. However, I sell hand painted murals for a living; which, let’s be honest, is one of the coolest things you could sell. A typical day consists of reaching out to potential brands (lots and lots of cold emails), presenting to clients, creative brainstorms & campaign pitches. A fun part about new business is there is no ceiling –– the sky truly is the limit, which keeps things interesting. Want to hear my sales pitch or just be friends? Email me at (there’s my shameless sales plug!).

Who/What is your biggest influence?My mom (cliché answer I know, but it’s true!). She’s also in sales. When I was growing up she was a single mom, who also managed a full-time career, room parent, Girl Scouts leader, cheer team mom, etc. She is the definition of a natural born hustler. She sets high goals for herself and goes after them with no fear. She also keeps a positive attitude at all times. Now that I’m 5 years into “adulting” I’ve learned attitude and perspective is everything. I try to take a page out of her book every day!

What’s been the most rewarding moment of your career/journey so far? I got my first tattoo this year at Colossal’s company summer party [see photo here].

Fun Questions:

Whiskey or Tequila? Tequila baby!

Why Austin? For love, but more importantly...for breakfast tacos.

What is your current fav song? Electricity (with Dua Lipa) by Silk City