How To | Hand Lettering Your Place Cards

Are you hosting your family Thanksgiving? Dying to impress your guests at friendsgiving? Trying to add a personal touch to your table? And FINALLY put that cursive you learned in elementary school to good use?? Well then, this tutorial is for Y.O.U.

We’ve got the Thanksgiving recipe to take your table setting to the next level!


-a pack of pre-cut place cards (here are the ones we like from Michael’s )

-sharpie, marker, paint pen, or whatever writing utensil is floating around in your junk drawer

-our handy-dandy letter guide

-a blank sheet to practice on


30 minutes-ish


  1. Print this letter guide

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 3.31.23 PM.png

2. Practice

Grab your piece of scratch paper, make a little list of all of your guests, and practice writing out their names. Go one letter at a time and just get the hang of cursive lettering. Don’t worry about the thicks and thins of the letters yet, we’ll get to that in a bit!

3. Get going on those place cards

Write out each name onto a card


4. Put a tail on each end of the name

Curly ends make a fancy touch for each name. Just extend the first and last letter of each name, and even loop in a curl if you’re feeling a little extra. This is where you can put your own special touch on your lettering.


5. Add in some depth

The downstrokes of your pen are the focal points for depth, each time your pen went from the top of a letter and pulled downward just add a little bit of thickness. This will take your place cards from simple to oh-so-stunning!

BONUS STEP) Add a little greenery to each!

Run outside, clip a few leaves from your yard, and tape or staple them to each card for a final touch of personality and pizzaz