The Moment I Started Choosing Me

Morning Hustle Storytelling is our favorite way to start your morning off inspired here at The Refinery. This event creates a time for incredible people to come together and share with you the trials, triumphs, and tribulations in their life and how they kept going. This next Morning Hustle Storytelling is focused on the theme “The Moment I Started Choosing Me”.

Here we have a guest feature by this Morning Hustle Storytelling’s host Jill Faulkner, the Founder of Stick With It Co!


Turns out, our life is compiled of choices. We may not always remember that, which can lead to thinking life is happening TO us. I’ve come to believe, now, that life is happening FOR us, and in that I am guided to make the right choices for me. I am choosing and creating my life. As we deepen our relationships with ourselves, these choices get easier to make. When we stand up for, and stand IN the possibilities for our life, we can begin the transformation we seek.

This must start within, and with the self. The moment we start choosing ourselves, is the moment we catalyze growth and change, not only for ourselves, but for the people around us. Initially it may feel like a selfish pursuit, yet choosing ourselves is the least selfish choice we can make. We are worth the time and effort to “choose me.” Once the choice is made, we must stick with it.

“Choosing me” will look different for everyone. Ashley “chose me,” with physical activity in mind. Divya “chose me,” in poignant moments of her life. Britni “chose me” after major surgery.  Melinda Martin “chose me” navigating married life. Sara “chose me” through losing herself and the life she knew.

Come hear these incredible stories on November 14th!

 Jill Faulkner of Stick With It Co.

Jill Faulkner of Stick With It Co.


Your Host — Jill Faulkner