Working from Home vs. Working from a Coworking Space

Working from home has always sounded like a dream, but now you’re a little lonely and don’t know what to do. But, you’re also scared of joining a coworking space where you know no one. We get it, we’ve been there! We put together a list to help get you thinking about what the benefits are of both options so you can think about what’s best for you.

What working at home has to offer:

  1. Wearing PJs. We all love a day that doesn’t involve changing out of our PJs and working at home is the perfect excuse to not put on our business professional.

  2. Save on commuting. One of the plus side of a home office is cutting the commute time by about 99%! Head over from your bedroom to your office and you’re ready to start the day.

  3. No distractions. There’s nothing at home to distract you except your own thoughts, while a coworking space can often be busy and loud.

  4. Doing your errands as you work. If you need a quick break from a not so busy day, it’s easy to take a break and wash the dishes or walk the dog!

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What a coworking space has to offer:

  1. Networking. Working with diverse people everyday will open your network to business professionals you might’ve never even thought about.

  2. Creativity. Being around innovative people working on different projects helps you bounce ideas off of each other and reach innovative solutions.

  3. Productivity. Surround yourself with likeminded, busy entrepreneurs and professionals to keep up your work ethic. A lot of coworking spaces are also accessible 24/7, so you can keep the workflow going!

  4. Fun. Most coworking spaces offer fun member events such as happy hours, giveaways and more!

No matter what you choose, make sure you do your research and pick the option that best suits YOU! Interested in trying out a coworking space? Ask us about our day pass so you can see for yourself what coworking is all about!