How to Stand Out in an Online Job Application


Submitting a job application can be daunting, especially if it’s an online application where it’s almost guaranteed that your application will get lost in the sea of thousands of other applicants. But don’t let that discourage you, there are many ways you can make yourself stand out in online job applications. Here are a few our favorite tips and tricks:

  • Get personal - it’s easy to get reduced to a number with online job applications. A good way to try and avoid this is to get personal. Spend some extra time researching the company and find the HR team. Do a quick linkedin search or scan their website and job application page for a name and email. Reach out to this person and give them a short introduction of yourself, why you’re interested in the job, and let them know that you’ve submitted an application online. This makes the process a lot more personal. If you’re feeling extra bold ask the person out for coffee to learn more about the position and company. Networking is everything, and you want to put a face to your application!

  • Become the Job - it’s no secret that online job postings receive an insanely large number of applicants. This makes it more difficult for everyone involved - the recruiter has a TON of applications to sift through, and you (the applicant) have way more competition that you’re up against. To get past the resume drop phase and catch the attention of the person vetting resumes, get yourself super familiar with the job, what the qualifications are, what kind of work you’ll be doing, what kind of work has been done in the past, etc. (reach out to someone on linkedin who’s in the position you’re applying for and ask them about their job!), and then change your resume to match the job. You should never be applying to jobs with the same resume! Your resume should show that you have checked all the boxes on the specific qualifications of the job you are applying for with your past experiences. Get creative, it’s all about wording!

  • Have fun - but not too much - it’s really difficult to show who you are through a piece of paper. We all know that most resumes look identical. If you’re trying to stand out of the crowd, change up your resume, add a little flare and personality to the document - within reason, of course. Change the font to something a little more fun, add a little color (stick to no more than 2 colors though), or add a decal! Obviously, be familiar with the company you are applying for and keep your resume creativity within the realms of that company’s culture (you don’t want to apply to a very professional company with a rainbow colored resume). Have fun with it, but keep it minimalistic - you always want to come across as professional.