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APPLICATIONS DUE BY April 30th at 5 p.m.

We are on the search for a handful of contributing writers for our blog, 612 Brazos. The core of our blog is built around our company values — Collaboration, Connection, Community, Sustainability & Empowerment. Each of these categories encompasses an array of topics summarized briefly below:

  • Empowerment | This value embodies our vision of pushing our members and community to take risks and chase after their dreams. Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction to get us going -- We are here to not only be that nudge but to help set you up to embrace every minute of your journey! 

  • Connection | Sometimes as entrepreneurs, freelancers or small teams we isolate ourselves and lose that human connection that is so important to our well being. We aim to provide our members with the kind of human interaction that will radiate positive energy and lead to emotional support, business growth, and flourishing creativity.

  • Community | Our space is designed to offer the supportive + inspirational community you just can't kind find at your kitchen table or coffeeshop down the street -- because being around people is great, but being around the right kind of people is a game changer. 

  • Sustainability | We seek to provide our members with the education, resources, direction, mentorship and partnerships essential to developing their passion into a lasting, thriving, sustainable reality. 

  • Collaboration | This is truly our bread and butter! Supporting one another and building up each other's brands is crazy powerful. Our dream is for brand partnerships to grow from every interaction that takes place in our space by fostering a community of like-minded makers, doers, entrepreneurs and creatives under one roof. 

We are hoping that by curating the right combination of contributing writers we are able to shape our blog around the very community Austin is built upon. 


We are looking for a commitment level of 1 post/month/contributor. 

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